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How To Take Care For The Downy Products


  • Down products can be hand-washed only. 
  • The products should be washed with warm water (30°C - 40°C). 
  • You can use hear shampoo as a means for washing.

Washing stages: 

1. If necessary, the product may be a half hour soaked in shampoo. 
2. The product should be washed by slightly clasping. Intense mechanical effects should be avoided. 
3. Rinse several times. Duaring the last time you can add a little rinser. 
4. To force out water, you may just easily run product through your fingers, but not twist it. 
5. Dry product at room temperature spreading it on a horizontal surface. 

Some products may be deformed down in the wash. To preserve the original shape you should pass a strong thread around the perimeter of product before washing, then product is stretched on a wooden frame with the help of this threadensuring preservation of the form during drying. This painstaking and laborious process makes caring for such product very troublesome. 

Through the use of high-quality yarn-base: silk and cotton, our downy products do not lose shape after washing, and drying them properly rather neatly on a flat surface and straight teeth. 

Caring for downy products you MUST NOT

* Rub strongly; 
* Twist; 
* Use chlorine bleach (only for white products can be used special bleach for wool products); 
* Use chemical cleaning; 
* Use machine washing; 
* Boil; 
* Iron. 


      Like any natural material, down needs access of air, so downy products should be stored in bags made of cloth or paper. Only a temporary short-term storage are allowed in plastic bags. In any case package with downy products should be kept tightly closed. It should also pay attention to the protection of product from moths.

The place where we store downy products must be dry and regularly air. It is undesirable to the presence of extraneous odors, because down is an excellent absorbent. It should also prevent to strong compression of downy products. During prolonged storage it will be useful from time to time airing down products and dried them in the sun.

And remember: regular wearing is the best way to care for the downy products. The product ventilations and keeps its shape in the process of wearing, and the thread becomes more fluffy. As a result, the thing becomes warmer and prettier.